he next generation of endoscopic diagnosis has arrived with 's new EPX-4400 video processor. F.I.C.E installed in the EPX-4400, is able to assist in dramatically enhancing accurate diagnosis of minute lesions.

As a basic principle, F.I.C.E imagine is implemented based on Spectral Estimation Technology. Spectral Estimation Technology takes an ordinary endoscopic image from the video processor and arithmetically processes, estimates and produces an image of a given, dedicated wavelength of light. Now, for the first time ever, this technology is put to practical use in the field of endoscopy by .

The expected advantage of this new digital processing system is a dramatic enhancement in the detection and identification of pathologic changes. The F.I.C.E system is expected to enable doctors to supplement differences in experiences and to diagnose clinical findings more accurately than ever before, this digital processing system is able to switchover between an ordinary image and a F.I.C.E image in a split second.  
CASE 1 An example in which it became easier to observe tissue characterization on surface parts and capillary orientations become clearer.
CASE 2 An example in which F.I.C.E. was effective in boundary diagnosis of stomach cancer llc pathologic changes.
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