Rigid or flexible scopes to suit your needs

The demands for early hospital release and minimally invasive surgery have elevated laparoscopy to the forefront of surgical procedures.

In response to these demands, introduces the worlds first flexible and rigid laparoscopes. These laparoscopes feature a built-in CCD system for unparalleled image quality. The 80 field of view provides surgeons with an essential tool needed to maximize efficiency during operations.

Clear field of view
High resolution CCD for realistic images
Crystal clear still images
Easy to record and replay

Video Laparoscope Systems
Upper G.I Tract
Video Gastroscope Systems
Lower G.I Tract
Video Colonoscope
Video Sigmoidoscope
Video Duodenoscope
Double-Balloon Enteroscopy System
Ultra Sound FNA Videoscope System
Sonoprobe System
Instant Magnification
of High Resolution Images
Video Bronchoscope System
Video ENT Endoscopes