The next generation of endoscopic diagnosis has arrived with 's new EPX-4400 video processor. F.I.C.E installed in the EPX-4400, is able to assist in dramatically enhancing accurate diagnosis of minute lesions.

As a basic principle, F.I.C.E imagine is implemented based on Spectral Estimation Technology. Spectral Estimation Technology takes an ordinary endoscopic image from the video processor and arithmetically processes, estimates and produces an image of a given, dedicated wavelength of light. Now, for the first time ever, this technology is put to practical use in the field of endoscopy by .

Advantages of the APC probe 2200C
Application has been very much simplified
360 access to the target tissue
Minimizes the necessity for manipulation

"Circular" probe
Circular application
(left) lateral and (right) axial APCapplication

Newly designed probes with an inte-grated filter, so-called FiAPC probes,have been released for sales-at present only for the US market.

With the new FiAPC probes we want to take steps against competition created by Dr. Canady, an American surgeon who
has concluded contracts with Conmed and Huttinger. Dr. Canady produces similar APC probes himself, which are compatible with ERBE units.

The new ERBE FiAPC probes were presented to the general public for the first time in May at the DDW (Digestive Disease Week) in Los Angeles.

Socket module 30134-038 is required to connect the FiAPC probes to a VIO sys-tem with APC 2. This FiAPC socket can either be installed in the APC 2 instead of the APC socket used up to now prior to its delivery to the customer or exchanged using the upgrade installation kit 20134-651. The adapter 20132-228 (USA) can be used for ICC/APC 300.

FiAPC probe
Plug with integrated filter, gas and electrosurgical current connection
APC 2 with socket module 30134-038(20134-651 upgrade installation kit)
ICC/APC 300 with adapter 20132-228 for FiAPC probes
Flyers and Brochures  
A new flyer about the ERBE Patient
Plates More Safety in Monopolar Electrosurgery is being prepared. (*)
Our new flyer consists of 4 pages which provide a quick overview and information on all ERBE patient plates:
Nessy Ω®, NESSYPlate™ and MONOPlate™.
(*) available in about 4 weeks

Leaflet Erbokryo CA

Cryo Surgery - Versatile and Effective
Our Erbocryo CA brochure is now availablein the new design. In addition, interventional bronchoscopy is now included and the instruments have been brought up to date.

A copy of this leaflet is attached.(gh)

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